Hi! We are the From Here & Away Team. We've each answered a couple of questions below to help you get to know us better. Read on! 

P.S: We rely on the support and enthusiasm of many dedicated, amazing people from all over the world. We consider them all to be part of the team as well. If you're interested in getting more involved, drop by our pop-up shop at The Forks or come to the next workshop. 


Joseph Visser

Joseph "Joey" Visser founded From Here & Away in 2015 after he published his first photography book under the same name. He currently oversees all FH&A operations. 

Favourite Place: "Tiger Fern Trail in Belize, Central America. I learned a lot in that jungle. It's also my favourite camp site of all time." 

Creative Inspiration: "Mostly the complexity of ecosystems and the ecological and cultural diversity of this planet. I also love listening to a good album on a plane or bus."  

Mary Vallarta

Mary is on the team because of her ability to connect and encourage others to pursue their creative goals. She's skilled in not only photography, but also drawing and painting. 

Favourite Place: "My favourite place in the world isnt very specific, but it's anywhere among trees and the ocean. Whether it's being engulfed in the middle of nature on a hike, canoeing on a lake, or surrounded by trees and music at Folk Fest. Being born on an island and growing up playing in mountains and the Pacific Ocean, nothing has ever compared to the feeling of not needing anything to have fun except being yourself in nature."  

Creative Inspiration: "What inspired me creatively was growing up in a very creative family. I fell in love with poetry when I was 10 and art when I was 11. Ever since then, I've loved to mix the two. One creative form always inspires the next for me. Photography started later and I never thought I'd go far with it, nor did I want to. I fell in love with photography when I realized that it was making me fall in love with life and people. Everything became more beautiful in its own way, and that will always inspire me."


Nathalie Vander Zaag

Nathalie played an integral role in the success of our first community art project. She is extremely skilled at coordinating projects and connecting with people from all walks of life. 

Favourite Place: "My favourite place in the world is the Citadelle. The Citadelle Laferriere is a massive fortress found on a mountaintop in Northern Haiti."

Creative Inspiration: "I am inspired by the vivid imaginations of the children I work with who create wonderful (and strange) artwork and worlds. I am inspired by clothes that are structured...

with the potential to take flight. I am inspired by art, movies and my friends who are artists, writers and musicians. I am inspired by nature's beauty, isolation, and constant interplay of the life and death."


Adam Kelly

Adam is enthusiastic about connecting with people. He's also a fantastic photographer who is always pushing to better his craft and teach it to other people. 

Favourite Place: "Istanbul probably. It has everything you would ever want."

Creative Inspiration: "I create because I want to speak. To me nothing is more important than humans connecting on a human level. In our world there are many things that stand in the way of that. I think that honest creativity is important because it allows for...

instantaneous connection like nothing else. I create because I want to give life meaning and to participate in something bigger than me."


Josh Dookhie

Josh is by far the most well traveled on our team. He's been to almost every place you could think of, and has spent considerable amounts of time in Thailand. Josh has a focus on the production of ethical clothing and is a renowned fine art photographer. 

Favourite Place: Coming soon! 

Creative Inspiration: Coming soon!


Dena Aminzadeh

Dena has a love for the outdoors that is unmatched. Her work often captures the less glamorous (but most meaningful) parts of camping and hiking. She has a genuine, warm heart and willingness to learn and share with other people. 

Favourite Place: "I haven't seen enough of the world to have found "my spot" so I'd have to say for now it's long road in between my hometown and a city at the bottom of North America.  That's probably a pretty neat road."  

Creative Inspiration: "Stories. I think the most powerful thing we can do is capture these precious moment's from our lives and share them with other people, as well as ourselves when we're further along in life and on a completely different chapter." 

ally gonazalo.jpg

Ally Gonzalo

Ally is one of the kindest artists you will ever meet. He is constantly working on his craft and developing his style. He is also willing to share his knowledge with others. If you're at a workshop and need advice, Ally is the person to give it! 

Favourite Place: "My favorite place in the world is Baguio City. It's where I fell in love and it's where I was able to increase my awareness with all that's happening in the world; it's where I learned how to understand and solve these problems as well.  The city gifted me with meaningful friendships, hearty food, and a wise mind. It will always have a special place in my heart."

Creative Inspiration: "People who produce work close to their hearts inspire me the most. It is a challenge to create a physical manifestation of one's emotions. Being able to do that and display it for the world to see takes a lot of courage and that is something I hope to be able to do someday."

Dru Chriska-Ferreira

Dru's approach to photography is extremely genuine and raw. He often works with 35mm film and has a very distinct style for such a young age. 

Favourite Place: "My favourite place in the world is my grandmother's backyard. It's not textbook extraordinary, but it feels like home and the comfort that it provides me is something I treasure dearly." 

Creative Inspiration:  "Conversation creatively inspires more than anything else does. Particularly conversations with people who seem as if they're movie characters. Most of my creativity stems from a desire to find those feelings that are surrealistic. Someone else laying their perspective in front of me gives me just that."


Gabrielle Funk 

Gabrielle works with primarily non photography based art projects. Her work is beautiful, challenging and acclaimed. Her most recent show is titled "Pyschopomp," which she has poured over 500 hours into. 

Favourite Place: "My favourite place in the world (so far) is San Josef beach on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. It literally changed my life and is full of magic."

Creative Inspiration: "What inspires me creatively are other creative people who embrace obsession and pursue deep mastery of their craft. Also nature." 

David Mctavish Metcalfe 

David is a welcoming, goofy (clearly), and extremely talented photographer and teacher of technical skills. He's also very organized and punctual, which is a valuable asset to the team. 

Favourite Place: "My favourite place in the world is the middle of downtown London." 

Creative Inspiration: "I am inspired creatively by watching people geek out about their passions, whatever they are."