From here & Away PROJECTS:

We believe everyone deserves the same opportunities to tap into their creative impulses, regardless of skill level, shooting style, age, financial situation, social status, and walk of life. 

From Here & Away dedicates 25% of our income to facilitate these special projects and help everyone access the same creative opportunities. 

Check out our latest projects below.

FH&A for the IFC: Youth Photo Voice Project. 

The goal of the project is to provide the kids with an opportunity to tell the story of their neighbourhood in a different way than they might have before. The reception will seek to harness their positivity and put it on display to a larger audience, as well as instil pride in the kids taking part. Learn more about this project by clicking here.

FH&A x MARL: "In our Eyes" 

This project sought to use creativity as a communication tool to foster a better understanding of each other and celebrate our differences and similarities. In partnership with the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties and the Canadian Muslim Women Institue. Find out details of the project by clicking here. 

Future Projects. 

Are you an organization or individual seeking funding for a creative project? We are always looking for like-minded folks to partner with and help make an impact in your community. Please contact us to see how we can help your cause