What is From Here & Away? What is Monkey Bay? How did they start working together?

From Here & Away is a company founded by Joseph Visser that facilities creative learning opportunities to inspire and impact through image sharing and photography workshops. Learn more about what we do by clicking here. 

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1990 by Matthew Miller, and American with a love for the ecology and culture of Central America. Monkey Bay runs educational programming trips for groups (mostly university groups) and individuals in Belize. They are dedicated to environmental education and having a positive impact on the country.

Before FH&A was fully formed, Joseph Visser traveled to Belize to shoot for Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. It was while he was working with them that his love for photography and travel were realized. He was very inspired by his experiences there and now wants to share what he learned during that time with others. He has been working on growing a working relationship with Monkey Bay for the last 5 years. 


A better question is perhaps "what won't you learn?" This course will be a full court press of amazing experiences that are conducive to learning and growing your skills as a photographer and traveller. We will provide the framework but it will be partly up to you to take as much out of the experience as possible. Joseph and Monkey Bay have designed this trip to take you straight to the heart of Belize's most wild places. As long as you have an open mind you will have the experience of a lifetime. 

Am I Qualified for this course? Who can sign up? 

This is a photography course is open to anyone with an open mind to learning new things and stepping outside their comfort zone. From beginner to expert, we've designed this course to be valuable to everyone. Any citizen of any country can sign up. 


Monkey Bay's website is actually a fantastic resource to answer this question. Visit their website HERE. 


Other than your camera gear, please download the packing list below. Keep in mind these are suggestions and packing light is always better. 


How Much does it cost? 

This 10 day trip is $2000 USD. That price includes everything except airfare to and from Belize. Find out more by visiting this link. 


Entry Requirements and Health info. 

Belize Entry Requirements

  • Passport must be valid 3 months beyond intended stay.

  • Tickets and Documents for return or onward travel.

  • Sufficient funds for duration of stay.

  • No visa required for stay up to 30 days - extension possible at Immigration Department for nominal fee.

  • Vaccinations - International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever required if arriving from known infected area within 5 days.


Health and Vaccination Information

For all health requirements and recommendations travelers should check with a local Health Clinic or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) located in Atlanta, GA USA. See website link below.wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/belize.htm

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever is required upon arrival if traveling from a known infected area.

  • Malaria: Malaria exists in limited rural areas of the country. Currently (2013) there is no risk in central coastal Belize District.

  • Cholera: Cholera is reported in some areas of the country.

For a current update on Zika Virus status within Belize, please visit the CDC website here.