FH&A Photo Story 001: Father, Son, and The Love Of The Wild. By Kevin Beauchamp.

From Here And Away Photo Story Turtle Mountain National Park, Horfrost

My cultural heritage on my father’s side is First Nations. As a child, my father instilled in me his love of the outdoors.  Exploring the outdoors has always been more than just experiencing its beauty. Even though it is extremely beautiful.

My father, like many fathers, struggled to find ways to express himself to his kids in a way that allowed them to truly understand who he was. Out of my four other siblings I was the only one that inherited his love for the outdoors. As a result, this has given me over 16 years of “alone time” with my father to witness him in his true element.

As a child, my father would hunt and trap as a means of finding peace from an abusive home life. Retreating into the wild from morning till night, as a young boy he provided for his family. He is without a doubt more comfortable in nature than anywhere else I have ever seen him.

I took this photo in Turtle Mountain Provincial Park with my IPhone on one of our bitter cold journeys into the wild. The amateur photographer in me likes it because it has a surreal quality to it. It almost looks more like a painting than an actual photo. However, the son in me likes it because it reminds me of the years I have been given to get to know my father. The photo is cold and maybe even a bit gloomy, but there is definitely beauty in it. I felt it when I was there. In my fathers story there is a lot of pain and it hasn’t been easy. But I’ve been witness to his journey of healing and the same sense of privilege I often feel when I’m out in nature on my own, I often feel when I’m with him. 

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