From Here & Away: a short history.


Hello! My name is Joseph Visser, I am a photographer from Winnipeg, Canada and am the founder of FH&A. I'm here to tell you a bit about how everything got started. 

Three years ago I started to work on a photobook eventually titled From Here & Away. To sum up the book in a sentence... I explored the interconnectedness between human beings, their environments, and each other. I did so across what was familiar to me (here) and places I had traveled that were new to me (away.) My goal was to show the beauty and complexity contained on our small planet. 

After it was published in August 2014, The book seemed to really connect with people, I had many great conversations about the themes contained in it with people from many different backgrounds. I started to realize the conversation I was trying to start would be better achieved in numbers. I held a contest to win one of my prints where people used #FromHereAndAway and tagged a few people they would want to travel with. After the contest finished (hope you like your print, Kait!) there were a little over 200 tags. This led to the natural next step... 

A few months after the contest I started the FH&A Instagram page. I started re-posting photos from the tag and was surprised by the amount of support it got, even from strangers! As the page grew so did my ambition to use this platform to support artists and create a real, meaningful community from it.

This year-long process of organic, community led growth leads us to the present day.

FH&A is now an organization built on three things. Programming, Community, and Artist Support. If you want to find out more visit the about page and keep your eye out for a FH&A field guide video to be posted soon.