A Field Guide to From Here & Away

Hello, my name is Joseph Visser (but you can call me Joey,) I am a photographer from Winnipeg, Canada and the founder of FH&A. 

If you've ever heard of a photobook called From Here & Away or seen one of your friends use #FromHereAndAway on Instagram or Facebook and wondered what it was all about, this post will tell you everything you need to know. 

First, if you want to read a detailed history of how FH&A went from one artist's book, to a real world community of people creating and sharing under a common goal, CLICK HERE. If you're already familiar, read on! 

In simple terms, FH&A is... 


Programming:  We facilitate inclusive, encouraging workshops, meet ups, and group travel. We teach technical skill as well as the belief that truly good photography is a mindset more than a skill set. Read a recap of our first workshop HERE.

Community:  We are a global online community, with images being shared daily from every continent in the world using the #FromHereAndAway tag. We also publish photo essays and artist features to our website on a regular basis. Visit our Instagram page HERE. 

Artist Support: We collaborate with like-minded brands, businesses and individuals to create useful,  beautiful, and ethical products to enhance your experience in the outdoors or wherever you decided to explore with them. We then give a quarter of our net profit back to the arts. We firmly believe in influence over income. (Information about the first products coming very soon!)

  • 25% of our net profit as an organization is allocated to the FH&A Fund which succeeds in things like providing equipment and training to communities who might not have access otherwise, reducing the cost of our programming so it is more accessible to everyone, and putting on group shows at no cost to the artist. 

The Mission:


FH&A exists to stand up for creatives that are too often passed off as dreamers or time wasters. We believe that art is the true human currency and anyone is capable of making art if supported and encouraged in the right way.

FH&A seeks to encourage a new class of creative people, young and old, experienced or not, to explore and create without holding back. We want to make creating art accessible and easy for everyone.

FH&A exists to inspire people to do what they feel happiest doing. 


What you win: Choose between a Canon 50mm 1.4 (mf only) lens, or a print set (two 11x17 prints on fine art rag paper, mounted to foam core) from Joseph Visser. These are valued at $500. 

How to enter.

Share this post and leave a comment below after saying "shared" so I can confirm your participation. (sometimes FB privacy settings don't allow me to see who shared it.) That's it! Simple as that! 

GET A BONUS ENTRY: Post your own, original photo on Instagram with a caption about your favourite travel memory. This can be as short or long as you would like. Tag minimum 3 friends who you would like to go on your next trip with. You must include only @fromhereandaway #FromHereAndAway before or immediately after your caption. 

Rules: You must be following @fromhereandaway on Instagram and you must Like From Here And Away on Facebook. 

Open to all countries and ages. 

Contest open from September 9th to October 1st. The winner will be announced shortly after. 

That's it! Winner will be drawn from my lucky red hat. Bonus points go to whoever goes above and beyond in their captions. This is not mandatory but is a nice way to support the cause :)

Thank you and good luck! 

Joseph Visser