Laura Sophie, Switzerland

Hi, Laura. Thanks for sharing your work! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Laura and I live in the German part of Switzerland, near Zurich. I’m almost 17 years old. I’m finishing school in summer 2016 and then I will go to university. I’m very interested in science subjects therefore I’ll probably study something in this field later. In 2014 I’ve been for 6 months to Milan as an exchange student. I had a very interesting and also quite difficult time sometimes. Luckily for me, my host family was perfect. They cooked delicious food and they were very active people. So they took me to amazing places in northern Italy for hiking and climbing. Since then, outdoor sports have been becoming more and more important to me. Sports, especially outdoors like snowboarding, skiing, hiking and running, are my main free-time activities now. I absolutely love being in the mountains. The most I like the purity of the mountain landscape.  In Italy I discovered also the photography. Almost every time I got out of the house I took my camera with me. Since then this hasn’t changed.

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What do you love about photography? How do you use it to express your view of the world?

For me, photography is capturing beautiful, spectacular and expressive sceneries or moments. The observer should feel something when he sees the picture. For example, when somebody looks at my pictures I hope he desires being at this place. I also appreciate that I can capture moments of a whole trip. When I see the pictures later, I have again some of the feelings I had while I was on the journey.

Forest in Switzerland 


What are your favourite moments involving the photographic process?

There are three important moments for me: The first is when I take the picture. I’m out there in the nature and I feel good. The second is when I see the results on my computer. I’m curious if they are good or not. And at last, I appreciate when I get feedback or compliments! :)

mountains Switzerland


Any favourite photographers or people you generally look up to? 

I look up to people like Chris Burkard, Hannes Becker or Christoffer Collin. Firstly, they take breath-taking pictures and secondly, they seem to be travelling all the time. Thanks to Instagram I’ve got to know some photographers of my age. I think they appreciate the nature the same as I do and they are outdoor people. They also inspire me. Some of them are @lorenzandexer, @cedric9889, @braswiss, @twintheworld, @silvanschlegel and @explorators. I’d like to mention the page Hiking4fun. Their aim is to motivate the younger generation for adventurous hiking trips in Switzerland. @hiking4fun /

Road Swizterland


What are you currently photographing the most? Any projects on the go?

I’d like to know better the Swiss mountains. Therefore I’ll try to get there often as possible. And surely I’ll take a lot of pictures!   

Mountains Switzerland


Where have you travelled and where do you want to travel next?

Last summer I went with my family to Norway. We had a trip from Oslo over the mountains to Bergen and back. It was incredible. The most I liked the “Hardangervidda”. This is the hugest plateau of Europe.

The North really attracts me. I’d like to discover Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia. One of my dreams is to go on a longer trekking-trip for example in the highlands of Iceland.


What camera gear do you use?

Usually I use the compact camera Sony RX100 and sometimes my iPhone 4s. For editing the pictures, I use Instagram, Camera+, VSCOcam, Picasa and rarely Photoshop.


Anything else to add? Personal motto? Favourite food?

Thank you very much Joseph for featuring me! I admire your work. The texts you write under every picture on Instagram are very inspiring! I’m so fortunate to be a part of “From Here & Away”!

My personal motto is to keep exploring a lot of beautiful places, live consciously and appreciate all the gifts the nature gives us!


You can find more of lauras work on Instagram.

Instagram: _laurasophie