An Introduction to From Here & Away

Hi. You might have already seen me posting about this, but basically I decided a month ago to start a creative community on Instagram based around the ideals and themes I explored in my photobook with the same title.

I’m doing this because I am extremely passionate about images and people and wanted to provide a place where people could share stories and ideas, expand each others worldviews and be creative in an inclusive, fun environment.

The support in the first month has been mind boggling. I’ve been lucky enough to feature people from all over the world, and of course, all the talent close to home. On Instagram we have grown past 500 followers and have nearly 1400 contributions to ‪#‎fromhereandaway‬. Now we are on Facebook. I will be posting one image a day via Instagram to the page, so you won’t be bombarded by annoying updates.

Thank you all so much for your support and contributions to the community already, I am very optimistic its future. My hope is that its growth will be organic and artist driven and I hope you all are inspired as much as I am.

From Here & Away is a method of expanding worldviews and providing a better understanding of each other and the spaces we occupy through art and creativity.

From Here & Away was created with the hope that it can inspire and challenge people to explore, travel and be creative. Our purpose on earth is not a purpose at all — it is simply a gift. It is important (and fun) to celebrate and share that gift.

This community is a platform for the message that we are all connected; not only to each other but to nature and the unknown. It is a window into the lives of other people, just like you, who live in other places.

From Here and Away is, at its core, is a simple celebration of what exists and a reminder to appreciate and preserve what gives us life.

Thanks for reading, click any of those links for more information and how to get involved in the community.