Our Team

We are very proud of the team we've put together to guide and teach this course. Get to know your group leaders!

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joseph visser, from here and away founder. 

Joseph Visser

Joseph is a professional photographer and the founder of From Here & Away. It was in Belize 5 years ago that he initially had the idea for FH&A and has been working on a way to show others the country that inspired his career ever since. Visit his website and his Instagram here. 

Chester Pop

Chester is of Mayan decent. He joined Monkey Bay’s team in March 2007 as a Facilities Assistant. He is now a qualified and knowledgeable Tour Guide and is good friends with Joseph. Chester lives in Maya Mopan Village with his wife and child. He is a very friendly and outspoken person who loves to dance ‘Punta.’ 


Eden Estaphen 

Eden is an artist, photographer, and communications specialist at Monkey Bay. Having recently moved from New York back to the place she grew up, Belize. She is ready to be a point person for the course, and will provide knowledge of the land and of how to capture it creatively. 


Eli Miller

Eli is Matt's son and is a vivacious and bright person who was raised in, and continues to work as a guide in Belize. 

He enjoys White Water Kayaking, Riding Motorcycles, Sailing, Longboarding, Rock climbing. Eli has seen a Jaguar in the wild on three different occasions throughout his lifetime.


Justin Wiltshire.  

Justin lives in a very quiet and friendly village name La Democracia, Belize District close to his extended families. He has travelled extensively within Belize and visited the archaeological sites, sanctuaries, cave systems and mountains. That was when he decided to become a Tour Guide. He loves music, dance, travel, meeting people from different cultures, and reading informative books about his country and its history. He’s a very humble person that knows a little of everything but will keep learning until he reaches his goal: to become one of the best expedition and international field course guides in Central America.


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