From Here & Away 

Photography workshops. Ethical Outdoor goods. Global Community.

We are an company that believes anyone is capable of impacting our world through art if given the opportunity and encouraged in the right way.

We believe everyone deserves the same opportunities to tap into their creative impulses, regardless of skill level, shooting style, age, financial situation, social status, and walk of life. 

By empowering individuals to explore and create, we can understand the earth, different cultures, nature, and ourselves on a deeper level. 


We are an inclusive community of honest, socially conscious creative people. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is a leader. 


Accessible Photography workshops:

We facilitate inclusive, encouraging workshops, meet ups, and group travel. We teach technical skill as well as the belief that truly good photography is a mind-set more than a skill-set. 


We collaborate with like-minded brands, businesses and individuals to create useful,  beautiful, and ethical products to enhance your experience in the outdoors or wherever you decided to explore with them. We then give a quarter of our net profit back to the arts. We firmly believe in influence over income. 

A global Online Community: 

We are a global online community, with images being shared daily from every continent in the world using the #FromHereAndAway tag. We also publish photo essays and artist features to our website on a regular basis. 


  • 25% of our net profit as an organization is allocated to the FH&A Fund which succeeds in things like providing equipment and training to communities who might not have access otherwise, reducing the cost of our programming so it is more accessible to everyone, and providing other funding where it is needed. 
Made in Winnipeg Summer Cap, seen here at Peggy's Cove, NS. 

Made in Winnipeg Summer Cap, seen here at Peggy's Cove, NS. 

Some of the FH&A Community at our Spirit Sands Workshop.. 

Some of the FH&A Community at our Spirit Sands Workshop.. 

Latest Features:

A Global Online Community

Sharing worldviews, one image at a time. 

Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Edinburgh, Scotland. 

FH&A provides a platform for you to share your work with a caring and like-minded audience. Over time, a global dialogue of exploration and respect is forming through your individual contributions. We curate this tag with the hope of inspiring creativity and exploration, both near your home, and far away. 

Please click individual images for detailed write-ups and links to the artist's profile. Please join us and share your worldview with #FromHereAndAway on any social media platform you would like. 


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